Push-Up Type Operation

This type is suitable for relatively small openings whereby a mechanical or electrical mechanism is not necessary
to operate the roller shutter door. Lifting handles are fitted to the T-Bar to open and close these doors. Helical coiled
springs counterbalance the mass of the door curtain. Push-up doors are suitable for openings not exceeding
2 750mm in height and 3 000mm in width.

Chain Operation

Doors of up to 25 square metres are operated by an endless chain, chain wheel and spur gear fitted to
the helical coil spring barrel.

This is the most common and cost effective operation

Reduction Chain Operation

Doors of increased width and size are advised to use a reduction chain operation.

This is accomplished by a intermediate gear installed between the chain wheel and spur gear rotating on a shaft and bearing , increasing the gear ratio

This system can be installed onto existing chain operated doors with minimum effort.

Please note – this is only available for Doormaster chain mechanism’s

Gear Box Operation

By means of preference, a gearbox can be fitted

Cast iron crown wheel and manufactured double bearing pinion gears are commonly used,
however, in the event of doors exceeding the 24 square metre range.

Bought out precision reduction gearboxes are available.

Electrical / Automated Operation

Automation of doors can be installed to new doors and existing doors

Automation has many benefits to the user

Ease of operation and safety

Parking area’s and Loading Bays

1. High duty cycle brake motor are advised for basement parking due the amount of operations and duty cycle of the door.

2. 380v electric brake motor with reduction gearbox and chain and sprocket drive is used

3. Doors are controlled by either remote control , push button control or card reader access control

4. Safety beams can be installed (optional)

5. Loop detectors can be installed for auto close (optional)

6. Doors can be monitored by camera systems and controlled from a safe environment

7. Only a emergency short emergency handle is supplied with this unit in event of power failure

8. A emergency chain can be supplied , but costs are extremely high


Factory Doors / Shops And Garages

1.  A low duty cycle motor is sufficient for factories and stores were doors don’t open and close regulary

2.  A compact unit is supplied , alternatively in 220v or 380v (JG500)

3.  Standard operation through a push button station

4.  Standard sprocket and chain drive operation

5.  Remote control is available ( optional extra)

6.  Logic panel with access control , safety beams etc ( optional extra)

7.  Motor comes standard with a 3 metre maual override chain in event of a power failure

8.  Motor runs through a reduction gearbox and is fitted with a brake as standard

9.  Motor cover (not water proof) can be supplied (optional extra)

10. Can be installed onto existing doors


Battery Back Up Units For Home / Office And Small Industrial Applications

1. A 220v electric units can be supplied with battery back up facility (JG350b)

2. Is extremely versatile in the current power problems found

3. Standard operation through sprocket and chain drive

4. Receiver and remote available (standard)

5. 3 metre manual override chain operation in the event of flat batteries

6. Motor cover available (optional extra)

7. Motor can now be installed on inside of building (safer) and access from either inside or outside even when power is down

8. Can be installed onto existing doors


Wicket Access Doors

Roller shutter doors can be fitted with wicket doors for personnel or emergency use

1. The fitting of wicket doors to push-up type roller shutter doors is not reccomended .
2. Two standard sizes of wicket doors are available
    A) 685 mm wide x 1 980mm high and
    B) 685 mm wide x 1 200mm high
3. Can be specified as inward or outward opening as well as left-hand or right handed.
4. Wickets should be positioned on the opposite side to the operating system of door

5. Installing a wicket gate to a automated door is not recommended , but can be done with a external limit switch

Roller Grilles

Grille are a old and outdated form off allowing visibility through doors

Three designs are available


Suited for the following applications

1. Shops
    Permitting safe continuity of product display after normal business hours.

2. Garages
    A practical and economical safety closure providing for instant inspection

3. Windows
    The ideal safety closure allowing for maximum light and ventilation

4. General
    Ideal for stores, offices, banks, etc


Slat Designs And Patterns

  1. Your most common and cost effective slat profile is a solid slat

  2. This profile can be ordered in 0.6mm / 0.8mm /1.0mm

  3. Slat come standard in galvanised finish OR can be powder coated in a variety of colours

(see www.ralcolor.com )


Perforated slats

  1.  Perforated slats are manufactured from galvanised material

  2.  The small punched holes are 3.2mm in diameter at a 5.5 degree pitch

  3.  This design allows visibility and minimal ventilation through the curtain

  4.  A full door can be made up or only portions of the door for viewing section

  5.  Can be powder coated in various colours

Fennestra slats

  1.  Fennestra slats are manufactured from galvanised material

  2.  The design actually was designed to replace the older grille designs

  3.  A cold punching process is used to create the holes

  4.  Holes measure 150mm x 32mm at 50mm intervals

  5.  The size of the holes are suitable for high visibility and ventilation purposes

  6.  A straight punch pattern or brick pattern is available

  7.  Custom number of holes can be done on request

  8.  Can be powder coated to various colours

  Aluminium slats

  Aluminium slats are light and rust resistant
  They are mainly used for domestic applications in homes
  It is one of the more costly options
  Aluminium comes in standard mill finish or can be powder coated in various colours
  Aluminium slats come in two designs

A. Solid standard slat

  1. The standard slat resembles the standard galvanised slat in dimensions

  2. The weight is reduced due to be formed from aluminium

B. Aluminium fennestra

 1. The same fennestra pattern can be made in aluminium

 2. The added benefit is that a poly carbonate insert can be slid in to close off the punched hole and still allow viewing through the window section.